This Is Me.: RANT.

I just miss everything..


I’m sitting here on my laptop trying to find the perfect quote that fits us. & nothing is fitting. It gets so close to working. But then, something doesn’t fit. it made me realize how unexplainable we really are. How no one will ever understand us. even if they study our every move. They just will never know. Because that’s how we are. We show the world a different side of us because we know they won’t understand it & judge us. So, we show them the “Us’ we want to show them .The “Us” we want them to think we are. But the thing is, they don’t know how we are when they’re not looking. Or can’t see us. When it’s just me & you, they don’t know how we are. They don’t know anything about us. They only know of us. Because that’s what we want them to know. Of us, but nothing about us. They only know & see what we want them too. Because we don’t want them to know what we do. How we are. Or anything that we don’t want them to know about us. Why would we? So they can go & judge us? So they can copy the stuff we do. No thanks. Honestly, I don’t even think we could explain “Us.” Because how can you explain something that’s not explainable? It’s not impossible. But it’s hard. & why would you want to spend all that time explaining to them about “Us.” when we spend so much time trying to make it to where they only knew of “Us.” but nothing about “Us.” Because if we really wanted to explain it to them. We would have to show them. & why do that when you could be doing so many other things that actually matter?  You know what I mean? Haha, probably not. But then again, everyone has their own way of understand & explaining things. So, how knows honestly. Anyways, why would you want to try to explain something that’s probably not even explainable to where people will truly understand it? Why waste your breathe when you could be showing them if you really wanted too. But that’s what I love. How unexplainable we really are. Because I’m 99% sure no one really understands us. & honestly, I like that. Because then they can’t judge us. They can’t put there “opinion” or say in our relationship. Because they wouldn’t even have a place to start. So we show them something that they can judge cause in the end. It really doesn’t matter. Cause that’s not the real us. Just the us we want to show them. No one will ever understand us. & honestly, maybe that’s what I love. How they know of us. But nothing about us. 

I seriously miss this.♡
This Is Me.: Please?

This explains what I have been trying to say. & hopefully when I explain it to him he’ll finally understand how much I care, love & want to be with him.♡ 

This Is Me.: New Years Eve/New Years.♡
Getting asked out in a cute way.☺💕 
He took my phone & changed his name to, “Will You Go Out With Me?” He gave me back my phone. Then he called me. & this popped up.☺ I said yes of course.💗🌸 
I fucking love him.💖

He’s cute. Recording while I have a bloody nose.

If only you would understand that by now..
Getting this message seriously made my whole day.☺💕
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